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Update: March 2, 2022

Dear families,

The first couple of months of 2022 have been a little challenging on the COVID front at Benedictine and in our community.  The good news is that COVID case numbers have dropped significantly on the Eastern Shore and are near zero at Benedictine. 

Last week The Maryland State Board of Education recommended lifting their mask mandate.  This recommendation went before a legislative committee for final approval and last Friday the committee approved the State Board recommendation.  The CDC also made the decision to not require universal indoor mask wearing in K-12 schools in areas of low or medium COVID-19 Community levels. 

At this time Caroline and Talbot Counties are considered “Low” on the CDC scale.  Because of these metrics Benedictine has lifted its required mask mandate.   This is a great step forward but we still need to be vigilant.  We continue to ask employees to stay home and notify their supervisor if they experience any symptoms related to COVID.  Benedictine continues to have testing capabilities on site for our employees, students and adults in our programs. 

While it is not our intention to reinstate an organization wide mask mandate, we may have to issue mask wearing requirements in certain program areas based on case counts in the future.  We were in this same place in July of 2021 and fully understand how rapidly the situation may change.  We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any policy changes in the future. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 



UPDATE: December 29, 2021

Dear Families,

As we ring in 2022 I wanted to pass along a quick update on our COVID response and our continued vigilance as it relates to the Omicron variant.  Many of our original mitigation strategies remain in place including mask wearing, heightened cleaning and sanitation and social distancing when possible.  We also continue to encourage staff to be vigilant to any symptoms for themselves and the people they support. 

Benedictine’s testing capabilities remain strong.  We have a healthy supply of rapid and PCR tests and will continue to use them for our employees, students and adults we support.  Our ability to test internally gives Benedictine an advantage because we do not have to rely on lengthy lines at testing sites or lack of availability of tests.  We can react quickly to someone who is showing symptoms and for those who may have been exposed to a person who tests positive.

Late on Monday the CDC issued new guidelines for isolation and quarantine for those who test positive and for those who are exposed to someone who tests positive.  Details on these changes can be found HERE.  We have updated Benedictine’s policies to match those of the CDC.  At this time there are no other policy changes for Benedictine. 

Finally, we are in the process of implementing the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for weekly COVID testing for employees with an opt out option for those who are fully vaccinated.  This standard was reinstated the week before Christmas and must be fully implemented by February 9,2022.   Benedictine continues to urge everyone to get their vaccine and if they have already received the vaccine, then to get the booster if they are eligible. 

Trust me when I say, I wish I did not have to continue to e-mail COVID updates.  The reality is, we continue to deal with COVID infections and the disruption it causes to our programs and our families.  Benedictine remains committed to doing what we can to mitigate the impact COVID has on our campus, in our homes and throughout our programs.  My wish for 2022 is that we can slowly put COVID behind us and get back to more normal programming!  Of course that was my wish last year – so hopefully it will come true in 2022!! 

I extend my heartfelt thanks for your support over the past two years and I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year!


UPDATE: 9/23/2021

Good Afternoon,

Below are some important reminders and updates related to our ongoing COVID-19 response.  Leadership and the Board of Directors continues to monitor all aspects of COVID-19 and make appropriate adjustments based on the latest information.  I understand how difficult it may be to feel like we are going a little backwards in our response, especially being required to bring back things like wearing a mask.  Trust me, I know this is hard to circle back around when just a few months ago, in July, we seemed to be rejoicing.  That said, it is important that we take action now to minimize the impact of COVID-19 at Benedictine.  Unfortunately, we have had recent cases of COVID-19 in all areas of Benedictine and need to remain vigilant. 


Benedictine is a complicated organization from a regulatory standpoint, and if one of our regulatory agencies issues a mandate related to COVID-19, we implement that mandate throughout Benedictine. We have followed this policy for the majority of our COVID-19 response.  A few weeks ago the State Board of Education gained approval from the Maryland legislature to implement a mask mandate for schools. 

For this reason, as well as other recommendations from reliable sources, a mask mandate remains in place for when you are in a Benedictine facility or automobile regardless of vaccination status. Masks are not required when outside, when working alone in an office, or while eating meals in designated eating areas.

According to numerous sources: CDC, State Health Department and our Caroline County Health Officer, wearing masks is one of the strongest tools we have to lessen the impact of COVID-19.    Please remember that masks are to be worn so that they completely cover the wearer’s nose and mouth.


We continue to monitor the information about booster shots.  There has been conflicting information coming from both the Federal and State governments.  At this time we are required to offer a 3rd dose of Moderna or Pfizer to the adults we support.  If there is updated information about the general public receiving a booster shot we will pass that information along to our employees and families.   If you have any specific questions about whether or not you are eligible for a booster shot please talk to your health care provider.


I know there is a lot of concern over President Biden’s proposal to require businesses such as Benedictine to require COVID-19 testing unless you are vaccinated against COVID-19.  There are so many issues that need to be finalized before any such regulation is put in place, it may be some time before this comes to pass.  There is no timeline for when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will publish an Emergency Temporary Standard outlining the testing/vaccine requirements.  We continue to monitor the situation closely and we are working with our state/federal partners to make sure we have the most up-to-date information on this topic.

Benedictine is still not requiring a COVID-19 vaccine, but we highly encourage getting it if you have not already done so.   There is a lot of misinformation about the vaccine’s and their value, so we encourage you to use reliable sources of information such as your own health care provider, the CDC (CDC Vaccine Info), or the local health department (Caroline County Info).

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your dedication to the students and adults we support – and each other!



UPDATE: 8/5/2021

Good Morning,

The Benedictine leadership team has been continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our local community and here at Benedictine.  Over the past few days we have had 2 positive cases and have seen an increase in testing due to exposure outside of Benedictine to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  The numbers in our local community have also been slowly rising and we were notified late yesterday that Caroline County is now experiencing a “substantial level” of community transmission. 

Due to these factors, we will be reinstituting indoor mask mandates for all employees and visitors effective immediately.

We continue to encourage employees, adults we support and students who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Benedictine has the option to host another vaccine clinic on campus, through our county department of health, if we have people interested.  Please take the following survey to let us know if you would like to take part in an onsite vaccination clinic Survey Link.  If you prefer to receive the vaccine through other means please know it is readily available in various local pharmacies and your county Department of Health.  Please click HERE to find a vaccine site near you.

Benedictine continues to implement our Culture of Clean program, promote personal hygiene and remind employees to continue to be diligent about monitoring for possible signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  We continue to have a large stockpile of PPE and have access to both rapid and PCR testing capabilities.  Bottom line, Benedictine is prepared to meet any COVID-19 challenges and will respond quickly to the circumstances we face.

My goal is that by taking these actions now we minimize the chances of reinstituting more restrictive policy changes in the future.  I understand how difficult it is to think we are moving backwards, but this change is simply one small step.  Collectively we have faced much more challenging times since March of 2020, and we now have an answer to battling COVID-19 in the vaccine.  We also know the steps we need to take to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and masking up is one of the most efficient tools at our disposal. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for your continued support. 

Stay Safe & Be Well,


UPDATE: 7/1/2021

Message to Families:

Good Morning,

On June 15th Governor Hogan announced that as of July 1, 2021 the COVID-19 State of Emergency for Maryland will end.  This means that all emergency mandates and restrictions will be terminate as of July 1st, including the statewide mask order for any setting.  So what does this mean for Benedictine? 

The Leadership team met last week to discuss the updated orders and review internal data related to COVID.  At this time we are comfortable with lifting the remaining restrictions we had put in place over the past year and modifying some of our policies to be more general and not solely focused on COVID-19.  Listed below are details  effective July 5th.

Julie and Beth will send more detailed program specific updates as to the timeline of restarting certain facets of their programs.  We know this is welcome news and we remain cautiously optimistic that we will continue on a path to normalcy in our programs and our community.  We are also aware that there remains the possibility that we may need to reinstate certain restrictions in the future.  For that reason we continue to have an ample supply of PPE and access to rapid and PCR tests on site.  The leadership team is committed to continually monitoring COVID-19 at Benedictine and in our community.

All of this said, it is sometimes difficult to wrap our minds around what we have collectively been through over the past 16 months.  From the early days of so many unknowns and fear, to the 2020/21 winter when we saw a rise in cases at Benedictine and in our community, to the hope and celebration of a vaccine.  We learned a lot over the past year and we speak often about the lessons learned and what can we take away from the Year of COVID. 

One lesson learned was the power of the phrase “Stronger Together”.  It not only resonated during the crisis, but should be a phrase we continue to use now and in the future.  We saw first-hand the power of coming together and supporting Benedictine in a way that I had not seen in my 20 years here.  Together we made it through one of the most difficult times many of us will see in our lifetime, and together we will face and overcome the challenges which lie ahead. 

I want to thank all of you for your support over the past 16 months.  Your notes, feedback, and words of encouragement meant so much to the employees.  I will continue to send updates as warranted, but my hope is this will be the last COVID-19 update! 



UPDATE: 5/20/21

Good Morning,

Over the past week there has been new guidance issued from CDC and state governments related to when to wear a mask and who should continue to wear a mask.  However, the direction from our state regulatory partners has not changed with one exception.  Given this fact, Benedictine’s guidance is as follows for employees, students, and adults we support:

Over the past week we have had several employees from throughout Benedictine test positive for COVID-19 which is a reminder that we are not totally out of the woods yet.  We continue to encourage proper hand hygiene, washing surfaces and other common preventative measures, including the completion of the daily employee self-check.

We also continue to encourage all employees to receive the COVID-9 vaccine.  If you have not yet received the vaccine and would like to begin the process please follow this link COVID-19 Vaccinations in Maryland to find the closest vaccination site.

Our goal is now, and always has been, to limit the spread of COVID-19 within Benedictine and to keep everyone in the Benedictine Family safe.  Please continue to be vigilant, and together we will get over the finish line in our battle against COVID-19.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



UPDATE: 3/30/2021

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that it was a little over a year ago when COVID-19 altered our lives.  Those early days were filled with so many unknowns, fear and disbelief.  One year later, we are in a much different place, there is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel and a feeling of new beginnings. 

For me it is also a time of reflection and thankfulness for how everyone in the Benedictine family pulled together during these unprecedented times. I am especially grateful for the dedication and commitment of all Benedictine’s employees.  I cannot say enough about how Benedictine’s employees rose to meet the challenges and kept everyone as safe as possible.  “Stronger Together” became our mantra, and our continuous focus on our mission and values saw us through many challenging times.  

Thanks to our partnership with the Caroline County Department of Health, we have been able to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics to the adults we support, our employees and eligible students.  This is a great step forward for Benedictine and our community. Benedictine’s policy on the COVID-19 vaccine has not changed – we are not mandating the vaccine for our employees, adults we support or students.  We will continue to educate and partner with the Department of Health for those who wish to receive the vaccine.

As you may know, Governor Hogan began lifting restrictions a few weeks ago and our regulatory agencies are beginning to share guidance on community engagement, visitation, distancing, etc.  Benedictine leadership has been planning and looking ahead in how we continue to reopen our programs based on this guidance and ease restrictions. Benedictine’s first priority has always been the safety of the people we support and our employees, and this will remain our primary focus as we move forward with our plans. 

I am sure there is one question on many minds – When will Benedictine get back to normal?  The word “normal” was used a lot over the past year, almost too much in my opinion.  I wish I could say we can simply flip a switch and move ahead quickly.  The reality is that we need to continue to move forward in a thoughtful and methodical manner. 

Another important point is that some of our program areas will look different and may not be able to go back to what they looked like before COVID-19.  Benedictine, our families, and the people we support learned a lot over the past year and we need to include that information in our planning.

Many of the program changes and continued reopening planning will be program specific, not necessary agency wide.  Because of this fact, Julie and Beth will send program specific updates to families and key stakeholders when warranted.  We will continue to post updates on our COVID-19 update page on our website: COVID-19 Updates

In closing, I want to take this opportunity to thank all you, our families, for your support, words of encouragement and guidance over the past year.  When we stay “Stronger Together” those words include all of you.  I know firsthand how positively impactful your support has been over the past year and am grateful for everything you have done for Benedictine. 

Stay Safe & Be Well,


UPDATE: 3/17/2021

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Benedictine we also reflect on the past year and look ahead to brighter days. 

Please click the link below for an important message.




UPDATE: 2/11/2021

Good Afternoon,

Below is a video message update.  The message will also be available on our employee portal.


Thanks and have a great rest of the day,


UPDATE: 1/14/2021

Good Morning,

It was 304 days ago when we started implementing COVID-19 precautions and modifying programs.  I don’t think we fully understood how dramatically our lives would change in those early days, at least I know I didn’t.  I honestly couldn’t get used to wearing a mask when all of this started – but thank God for Caren and her crew for sewing the masks during those critical first few weeks. Now I have a mask for different occasions like Christmas and with sports teams on them, we even have a special hanging place in my house to put them all. Who could have guessed this as we brought in 2020 a year ago.

But today is a turning point for Benedictine in our fight against COVID.  Today we will see our first round of COVID-19 vaccines being administered to our front line employees.  Today is a first step in us getting back to some sense of normal.  I mentioned yesterday to the COVID leadership team wouldn’t it be great to see a classroom once again take a trip to Walmart!  Something that seemed so routine 1 year ago, is now not so routine. 

As I said, this is a great first step and something to be celebrated, but it does not mean we can automatically flip the switch and get back to normal immediately – but normal is closer today than it was yesterday.  We must get through this first round of vaccinations for our employees, students and adults we support then turn our efforts to getting the second dose for everyone.  Then we can begin looking towards the future and how we reopen our programs in a smart way. Until then we need to continue to wear the masks, social distance when possible and wash our hands and surfaces frequently and fill out our daily check form.

Throughout this crisis we have continued to show we are “Stronger Together” and the power of our mission and values has been our guide from day 1.  One day soon we will be able to look back at this time and feel immense pride.  Pride in the fact that we never stopped fulfilling our mission.  Pride in that we did everything in our power to keep everyone safe.  And Pride in that we came together in a way that made Benedictine stronger.  I am truly humbled to be part of such an amazing organization and I thank all of you for what you have individually and collectively done over the past 304 days.  Let’s continue to keep our eye on the prize and hang in there just a little longer because we are getting close to the finish line. 

Thank you for everything,


UPDATE: 1/6/2021

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and I know we are all happy to put 2020 in the rear view mirror!  Earlier this week we began providing information about the vaccine process and employee eligibility for receiving the vaccine to our employees.  Last night when the Governor announced Maryland’s revised plan for vaccinations, the news became even better for Benedictine employees and the students and adults we support(https://governor.maryland.gov/2021/01/05/governor-hogan-announces-statewide-actions-to-accelerate-covid-19-vaccinations-in-maryland/).  Benedictine is now officially part of Phase 1B under the Governor’s updated plan. Phase 1B is tentatively scheduled to begin in late January.  The change in the Governor’s plan is in large part due to the power of grassroots advocacy.  This became clear when the Governor specifically mentioned “special needs group homes” and “the developmentally disabled populations” during the press conference. 

Over the past week Benedictine has been contacted by both Walgreens and CVS as our vaccine providers.  It is our understanding that our main campus and community group homes have been split between the two pharmacies according to their addresses, not based on the overall organization.  We have not received the detail from the pharmacies about which addresses each has as part of their implementation plan.  We are working to get more information from both organizations at this time.  We are also working to obtain more information regarding how day only students and adults who receive day supports through Benedictine will receive the vaccine. 

Benedictine is not mandating the vaccine for our employees, students or adults we support.  However, we are encouraging that everyone receive the vaccine and we are making educational materials about the vaccine available to everyone. I have attached two information sheets about the vaccine for your review and will continue to forward information as it becomes available.   

I know we are all anxious for more detailed information about the timing of vaccination process but we must remain patient and continue to be vigilant in our precautions.  Please know the leadership team is on top of this process and following up daily with our state and local partners, as well as our new partners in CVS and Walgreens.  Once we receive more information from our partners, and have a level of confidence that it is accurate information, we will push it out to all families immediately.  If you do have any questions please reach out to me, Julie or Beth at this time. 

Thank you for your continued support, Scott

UPDATE: 12/11/2020

Good Afternoon,

Unfortunately, the past week at Benedictine has been busy with COVID-19 testing and confirmed cases.  Since Thanksgiving, we have had 4 students and 1 adult test positive for COVID-19.  The good news is that they are all doing well and recovering.   

The Benedictine COVID-Leadership team has been planning for this unfortunate situation since the beginning of this crisis 9 months ago.  We have continued to work with our local Department of Health and regulatory agencies in the development of these plans as well as our policies and protocols.  The Department of Health has been very helpful in making available test kits that has helped expedite testing in certain cases.  We also have a full supply of PPE including face shields, N95 masks, gloves and gowns, and sufficient cleaning supplies on hand. 

Benedictine Leadership has made the decision to move from Stage 3 of our reopen plan to a modified Stage 2 of our plan. This includes the following policy changes:

Once again, we will reinstate family visits over the Christmas break for students and adults we support.  We fully understand the balance of safety protocols and social emotional well-being of the students, adults we support and their families.  This is a difficult time for all of us and we ask that you take all precautions as outlined by your state and local health departments during your visits.  Beth and Julie will follow up in a separate e-mail with more program specific information related to Christmas break. 

I continue to be proud of all the employees throughout Benedictine.  Their tireless efforts to focus on the health and safety of the students and adults we support is commendable.  A few months back we started using the phrase “Stronger Together” and this continues to be true at Benedictine.  Even though we are experiencing some positive cases within Benedictine, the employees continue to stand up to meet the challenges each day.  They continue to be present for the students, adults we support and each other.  I also see that support from our families, regulatory agencies and state partners.  We will continue to do everything within our power to minimize the impact of COVID-19 here at Benedictine and focus on fulfilling our mission for the benefit of those we support. 

Please reach out to me or your program leadership if you have any questions.

Stay Safe and Be Well,


UPDATE: 12/4/2020

Good Afternoon,

I’m writing to let our Benedictine community know that on Wednesday of this week an adult we support in one of our community based groups homes tested positive for COVID.  Benedictine leadership, in accordance with CDC guidelines for close and incidental contact, has notified all staff and families associated with this home.  After performing our internal line tracing this case is not related to travel during Thanksgiving.  The adult we support is resting comfortably in their home and is being closely cared for by DSP’s and nursing staff.  

Throughout this crisis we have continued to work closely with the Caroline County Health Department and our state partners (MSDE, DDA , DHS and MDH) on the development of our polices and protocols.  As of yesterday, we made the appropriate modifications to our quarantine policies to reflect the changes CDC made earlier this week. 

Given the most recent increase in cases throughout Maryland and on the Eastern Shore, Benedictine Leadership has made the decision to place a 2-week hold on all family visitations and not allow any outside visitors within Benedictine facilities. This change will take effect on Monday, December 7th and go through Monday, December 21st.  We will continue to allow essential medical visits, but will encourage telehealth options when appropriate.  Our goal with this policy change is to allow families to gather safely over the Christmas holiday. While this is our goal we will continue to evaluate this decision and any other changes to this policy, or any other policy, in light of guidance from CDC and local health officials, and communicate those to all families and employees.

We have also made minor changes to our programs to reduce potential exposure of staff, people supported and students.  All other precautions for employees, students and people we support remain in place including:

I would like to take this opportunity to once again recognize the dedication of our employees throughout our programs.  We hear a lot about front line staff, but the one group we do not hear about is those working with the disability community.  Our Direct Support Professionals, Teachers, Nursing, Administrative and Facilities staff have never stopped throughout this crisis.  They have continued to focus on the best interest of the student and adults we support and I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done over the past 9+ months. 

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at any time with questions or concerns.

Stay Safe and Be Well,


UPDATE: June 18, 2020

Our Commitment to Safety COVID-19 Response

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis Benedictine has acted quickly to modify our policies and procedures based on the information we received from the Maryland Department of Health and the CDC. Below is an overview of our response and new policies we have put in place to minimize the impact on COVID for our Benedictine community. We will continue to modify our policies based on the most up to date information and communicate those changes to key stakeholders utilizing various communication channels. Depending on the circumstances these changes could either take the form of easing, retracting or tightening these policies.

Employee Health Monitoring

Staff have been required to perform a self-assessment of their current health condition prior to each shift and to stay home if they are ill. Temperature checks are performed for each employee prior to the start of every shift and if they become sick during a shift they are to leave work immediately.

Student/Adult Health Monitoring

Our employees continuously monitor the health of our students and adults we support for any changes. We also check their temperatures multiple times a day for any fluctuations.

Personal Protective Equipment

Benedictine has a full supply of Personal Protective Equipment for its employees. This includes: gloves, N95 masks, gowns, and face shields. We also have developed “Go Bags” with all the equipment required to work with someone who is showing symptoms, being tested, or has tested positive, for COVID-19.

Cleaning Standards

We have developed a “Culture of Clean” employee training and policy manual. Employees are trained on how to safely clean and sanitize their areas. We are purchasing new equipment to aide in sanitizing areas of campus and our group homes. We have contracted with a 3rd party vendor to sanitize all areas of campus and our group homes.

Face Coverings

At this time employees and all visitors must wear face masks when visiting Benedictine owned facilities.

Visitor Policy Changes

We have instituted a Tiered Visitor Policy in response to COVID-19. The decision to move from Tier to Tier will be based on internal assessment of the current situation and in response to government orders. All changes to the visitor’s policy will be communicated through various sources.

 Tier 4: Normal Operations. Visitors are allowed in building on campus and in our group homes. This would be described as normal operations.

 Tier 3: Family visits may occur inside the facilities but only in certain locations identified by staff. Visits will be limited in duration and number of family members allowed. Health screenings will take place prior to the visit. No other visitors allowed in Benedictine owned facilities. All visits must be scheduled

 Tier 2: Family visits may occur, but only outside of Benedictine’s facilities (campus and group homes). Health screening will take place prior to the visit. No other visitors allowed in Benedictine owned facilities. All visits must be scheduled.

 Tier 1: No visitors allowed on the premises or inside of any Benedictine owned facilities.

Hand Washing

We have placed visual reminders for employees and the people we support to wash their hands in accordance with CDC guidelines. We have increased the availability of hand sanitizing stations and provided each group home with a supply of hand sanitizer.

Social Distancing

We have visual reminders for social distancing in Benedictine’s facilities. We do understand that this may not be possible when working with the people we support, but we do ask staff when interacting with each other to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing.

Remote Work Options

Within Benedictine’s organization structure there are certain functions that can be performed remotely. In order to minimize the number of employees on campus and in our offices we have developed a remote work policy that can be implemented by department directors at their discretion.

Increased use of Technology

In response to the limits placed on gatherings, Benedictine has begun using various forms of technology to communicate and facilitate meetings. We are building our capability to utilize multiple video conference platforms to host and participate in virtual meetings

UPDATE: 3/25/2020

School Message

Good Afternoon,  

As you may have heard, this morning Governor Hogan and Maryland State Department of Education Superintendent Karen Salmon announced the continued closing of public schools in Maryland.  Following that guidance, Benedictine will also remain closed until at least April 24th

We recognize that this continued closure is very impactful to our students and their families.  Please know that we are working to implement plans for continued learning opportunities for students as well as to ensure stability for our staff and ongoing programming.  This is amidst a lack of definitive guarantees or information from our funding agencies. 

For those students who remain in Benedictine residential settings, we will continue to provide a modified program of activities during the day.  This will ensure continuity of learning for students. 

For those students who are home with families including day students as well as residential students who are home, we will provide continued learning opportunities via learning packets, online resources, and access to the Benedictine team for support.  We will contact you in within the next week to discuss how that is implemented. 

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in conjunction with our state and local health agencies and we will maintain and implement protocols for the safety of our students, staff, and community.  This includes continued evaluation of our visitation policies.  We will follow the best advice of health officials and may need to make the difficult decision to implement additional restrictions in the coming weeks based on that advice.

Benedictine leadership and Board are committed to the ongoing and future programming for our students.  We appreciate your collaboration in dealing with this situation that is so unique for our community and we continue to be grateful for your support. 

Julie Hickey                                                                                   Scott W. Evans
Education Director                                                                       Executive Director

Adult Services Message

Good afternoon:

Since our initial correspondence on March 13, 2020, Benedictine leadership has continued daily monitoring of the CDC and state of Maryland requirements and recommendations related to COVID-19 and, as you are aware have adjusted our response accordingly. Our highest priority remains the health and safety of your family members and the Benedictine staff who support them.

Today, Governor Hogan and his administration took additional steps and announced that school closures have been extended through April 24, 2020. Staffing for Benedictine’s Day and Residential Services continue as we have since Wednesday, March 18, 2020 through this extended time frame.  While staff have been settling into new assignments this past week, team leads have been gathering, purchasing, and distributing supplies to the homes.  In the coming weeks, they will continue to research ideas for productive activities as well as develop schedules that support, as much as possible, ongoing work on meaningful day goals.

Benedictine leadership is in regular contact with funders and working diligently, along with other providers and advocates, to secure commitments for ongoing funding as well as reimbursement for added expenses associated with emergency supplies and appropriate DSP compensation.  We also continue to monitor our visitation policies and will follow the best advice of health officials, and may need to make the difficult decision to implement additional restrictions in the coming weeks based on that advice.

Benedictine will continue to monitor developments with COVID-19 in conjunction with state agencies and local health officials and provide updates via email as the situation unfolds. All correspondence can also be found on the main page of our website www.benschool.org.

We appreciate continued conversations as we navigate these unique circumstances. Thank you for your support and cooperation.                                         

Beth Mathis                                                                                           Scott Evans

Adult Services Director                                                                         Executive Director

UPDATE: March 19, 2020 4:00 p.m.

Good Afternoon,

I want to first extend my appreciation regarding the feedback and well wishes that have been sent in support of our employees.  We have passed along many of the comments in my daily updates to the employees.  Each morning I meet with the leadership from each department to review any program updates and new/updated information from our state partners.  The good news for today is there are no programmatic changes to announce.  Everyone on campus and in our homes has started to settle into the new normal.  Leadership continues to monitor the situation closely and work with the local emergency management agency and health department on ensuring we are receiving the most up to date information on COVID-19.   The Board of Directors and I met yesterday to review our response to COVID-19 and discuss how they can continue to support our employees and people we serve at this difficult time. Over the past week, and moving forward, the Board President and I touch base daily for updates and a review of the situation on campus and in our community homes. 

I also wanted to remind everyone about our updated Visitor Policy (dated March 16, 2020), which is listed below.  I would ask that when you reach out to coordinate a visit please take into account that everyone is juggling many balls right now.  We have enacted the Visitor Policy for the safety of the students, adults and employees and cannot deviate or make special arrangements at this time.  When developing the policy we did take into account the guidance from the Maryland Department of Health and other state/federal agencies.  I thank you in advance for your continued support of this policy.

In closing I would like to pass along a message I sent to our employees this morning.  I cannot say enough about how they have responded to this unprecedented situation.  As I say below I am honored and humbled to work with such an amazing group of people. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and I will continue to send updates as we receive new/updated information.


UPDATE: March 17, 2020 3:27 p.m.Dear Families, First, Happy St. Patricks’ Day.  We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and make needed adjustments to our programs.  Thankfully, there are no program or policy updates to be announced today.  Leadership did participate in a webinar with The Maryland Department of Health this morning and it was reassuring that their recommendations for agencies running congregate living have already been implemented here at Benedictine.  What I would like to do is pass along a message I sent to our employees this morning.  They have been great during these initial phases of COVID-19 and have adapted quickly to the ever changing recommendations from our state partners.  Again, please reach out to your Program Administration if you have any questions. 

Message to Employees:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Typically this is a very special day at Benedictine.  Sister Jeannette loved St. Patrick’s Day and was very proud of her Irish heritage – of course for those that knew her that is an understatement!  While today may not be the celebration we had hoped for, it is still a time to remember a very important figure in our history.  Sister Jeannette became Directress of the Benedictine School in 1977.  For the next 35 years she helped expanded the programs we offer and build new facilities on campus and in our community. She was an amazing fundraiser and visionary.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to work under her learned a lot from her leadership and guidance.  One thing she always said was “God will Provide”.  Of course she usually said this to the board of directors after she had purchased a new house our building and we were not sure where the money would come from!  But her words resonate today as we find ourselves in the middle of something none of us have ever experienced before. “God will Provide” all of us the strength we need to see the COVID-19 situation through and we will come out of it stronger because of the challenges we are facing today.  “God Will Provide” us the guidance to make the correct decisions in the midst of what seems like chaos.  So let us celebrate today in the spirit of Sister Jeannette and know that together we will see this through and “God Will Continue to Provide” for all of us here at Benedictine!Thank you all for your dedication to Benedictine and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

UPDATE: March 16, 2020 3:45 p.m.

COVID-19 Update March 16th

Dear Families,

The health and safety of the students, adults we support, and employees is Benedictine’s highest priority.  This morning Governor Hogan announced new measures to address COVID-19 and we received updated guidance from the CDC over the weekend.  Based on the latest information and out of an abundance of caution we are instituting the following program changes effective March 17, 2020. 

Visitor Policy

Given the new guidance we have modified our visitor policy for all program areas:

Adult Day Programs

Beginning March 17, 2020 through March 27th all adult day programs will be closed.  This includes both our Ridgely Campus and Easton location.  We will update the time as we receive new information from our state partners.  

Adult Residential Program

Benedictine community homes will remain open.  All community plans are cancelled.  We will implement the enhanced visitor policy and health monitoring. 

Person Supports

Beginning March 17, 2020 through the end of March, Personal Supports will not be provided unless medically necessary.

School Residential Program

The school residential program will continue to operate as outlined in our statement on March 13, 2020.  Community plans have been cancelled until further notice.

Education Program

The education program will remain closed until March 27th as communicated in our statement on March 13, 2020.  We will continue to update this timeline as new information is received by our state and federal partners. 

Benedictine will continue to implement enhanced cleaning for all facilities and health monitoring for the students, adults we support and employees.  This includes:

We will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and send updates when we receive additional guidance from our state and federal partners.  Please check our website www.benschool.org for copies of all our correspondence. If you have specific program related questions please reach out to your program director and/or case manager.

We also understand that at times like this you may want your loved one closer to you.  If that is the case please reach out to your program director or case manager to discuss options.  Some have asked about funding ramifications if you decided to take your loved one home – please do not worry about that during this time. 

I understand this is an extremely trying time for all of us.  I would like to thank all of our employees who have stepped up in so many ways over the past week.  They have truly lived up to our mission and values and I am extremely proud of how they have met this challenge.  This is an unprecedented situation for all of us and please rest assured that Benedictine will continue to focus our efforts on the well-being of our students, adults we support and employees. 


Scott W. Evans

Executive Director


Good Afternoon,

The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving rapidly, and confirmed cases in local counties have been announced.  While this news is very concerning, we should all remember that most cases are mild with full recovery.   Nonetheless, Benedictine is implementing changes to best protect all staff, students and clients and to follow guidance coming from the State and Federal levels.

Changes to Adult Day Program

As communicated on Friday, Benedictine is open and providing modified programming, and staff are expected to report for work.  We will continue to modify programs and suspend programming as needed based on guidance from regulatory authorities such as DDA, DHS and MSDE.

Assignment to work other than your regular job duties

Some staff will be directed to alternative work locations or alternative duties as needed based on programmatic changes.  Your direct supervisor will provide each individual affected with that direction, should the need arise.

Non-Direct Care staff may be assigned to work remotely

Preventative health screening questions each shift

Other health screening measures may be added

Benedictine may institute taking temperatures as an additional layer of screening staff, students and clients, to help protect everyone from exposure to anyone who is ill with fever.

Routine updates will be provided to staff.  At this time, we must be highly responsive to State and Federal requirements for operations and protocols that are being implemented.  Benedictine is making every effort to best balance the needs of our staff with the needs of students and clients during every step of this emergency. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your efforts over the past week.  This is very trying time for all of us, professionally and personally.  At times like this I am truly thankful for each of you and your dedication to our mission, values and most importantly to the people in our programs and each other.  The community and support network we have here at Benedictine is such a positive force at times like this.  Nancy McCloy, the education Director here for years, used to say (and I am paraphrasing) – “This will all be a blessed memory soon!”  It was her way of saying we have the strength to get through what is right in front of us, and we will be able to look back on this time and see how we came together to overcome our obstacles and shine as Benedictine always has.  Thank you again for everything!



March 13, 2020

Good Afternoon,    

As we stated in our earlier communication Benedictine is committed to the health and safety of our students, adults and staff here on campus and in our community homes.  Following the directive of Governor Hogan, The Benedictine School will close our day school program to students from March 16 – March 27.   

For those students who receive residential services Benedictine will provide a modified program of activities during normal school hours.  We will also modify the residential program taking into account the CDC guidance.

We will continue to implement previously communicated precautions as outline below:

The below precautions will now be implemented beginning Monday, March 16th:

We will continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in conjunction with our state agencies and local health officials.   We will continue to update families daily through e-mail and all correspondence can be found on the main page of our website www.benschool.org beginning Monday, March 16th.

We appreciate the continued conversations and collaboration in dealing with this very unique situation.  We are grateful for your support and cooperation. 

Julie Hickey                             Scott W. Evans

Education Director                  Executive Director


Over the past weeks Benedictine leadership has monitored the evolving concerns around COVID-19 in Maryland on a daily basis.  We have met regularly and instituted best practice agency wide and in our day and residential services for hygiene and infection control as a safeguard for the health and wellness of the people we support and our staff.  We have also taken initial steps to prepare for the possibility that the virus has a more direct impact on the Eastern Shore. 

Yesterday, following the Governors Press Conference, we received additional guidance from The Developmental Disabilities Administration.  In reviewing that document, we are reassured that we have already instituted many of the recommendations as listed below:

  1. Updated our emergency planning procedures.
  2. Established communication with key health care and emergency officials locally.
  3. Communication with staff regarding signs and symptoms, specific expectations around personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness, and reinforcing the need to stay home if sick and seek medical care.
  4. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols on campus and in the homes.
  5. Stocking and maintaining inventory on Personal Protective Equipment.
  6. Nurses have worked with our pharmacy to get increased medication and personal supplies.
  7. Sought the guidance of medical professionals regarding non-critical medical care.

Based on the guidance document, we are also instituting the following precautions:

  1. Residential weekend plans involving public places where numbers of people gather (dining out, movies) will be switched to home based activities.
  2. Benedictine will suspend using our contract public transportation provider on weekdays and utilize our own staff and vehicles to bring people to day services.
  3. Suspend community based volunteer and personal enrichment activities in favor of site based services.
  4. Evaluate community employment and risk with each person, their family, and the advice of health care professionals. Make every effort with work with employers to maintain jobs for the future.
  5. Continue day services in Ridgely and Easton unless otherwise recommended.
  6. Instituted Visitor restrictions at day services and in homes.
    1. No non family visitors in day services or group homes.
    2. Family visits should be scheduled in advance with Program Coordinator (day services or group homes)
    3. Encourage remote communication as an alternative to in person visits.

Benedictine will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 in conjunction with state agencies and local health officials.  We will provide updates daily through email beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. All correspondence can also be found on the main page of our website www.benschool.org.

We appreciate continued conversations as we navigate these unique circumstances. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Beth Mathis                                                                                                       Scott Evans

Adult Services Director                                                                                  Executive Director

Benedictine will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 in conjunction with state agencies and local health officials.  We will provide updates daily through email beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. All correspondence can also be found on the main page of our website www.benschool.org.

We appreciate continued conversations as we navigate these unique circumstances. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Beth Mathis                                                                                                       Scott Evans

Adult Services Director                                                                                  Executive Director


Good Afternoon, With the governor’s announcement of state-wide school closures, Benedictine understands that there will be an effect on our current staffing levels. Following the state directives and information from our various licensing agencies, Benedictine will be modifying our day programming.  Immediate actions include the following: 

  1. The Benedictine School will close day school program to students from March 16 – March 27.   The residential programming will remain in operations for the continuity of care for the students residing in our facilities.  School day staff are expected to report for regularly scheduled shifts for modified programming.
  2. Until further notice, Benedictine adult programming will cancel community activities and bring people supported to campus.  They are evaluating community employment on a case by case basis.  The residential programming will remain in operations for the continuity of care for the students residing in our facilities.  All day program staff are expected to report for regularly scheduled shifts for modified programming. 

Across all programs, the following steps are being implemented to help protect our population and staff:

  1. Continued staff precautions including hygiene recommendations and remaining home if sick
  2. No non-family client/student visitors will be permitted on campus or at group homes
  3. Family visits must be scheduled in advance with administration or case manager or coordinator
  4. Off campus visits with families are discouraged and when they do occur will require check in with nursing and administration upon return to campus
  5. All community-based outings into public settings are cancelled
  6. All scheduled training is postponed until further notice 

As an employer, we are obligated to provide a workplace that is safe and free of hazards for our employees.  That includes ensuring that an employee who is sick is not allowed to work, when doing so endangers the health of co-workers and others they come in contact with.

You may use the information below as a guide for direction during this time of increased medical vigilance.

Child care, elder care, or other circumstances may prevent staff from reporting to work who are otherwise able to

For an employee who is clearly ill or under the weather.

Will Benedictine pay an employee for missed time if Benedictine sends them home due to illness?

If an employee is not ill, but they self-report that they have traveled overseas or that a friend/relative/someone they have had contact with in the past 14 days is being tested or has been diagnosed with the virus, what is the employee required to do?

We will continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in conjunction with our state agencies.   We appreciate the continued conversations and collaboration in dealing with this very unique and fluid situation.  We are grateful for your dedication to our mission and values. 

I have also attached two external communications that have been sent to families of our students and people supported in our adult programs. On Monday, we will begin posting any updates regarding our operations to the main page of Benschool.org. 

Scott W. Evans | Executive Director