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Benedictine is a fully approved, non-sectarian service provider caring for individuals with special needs without regard to racial, ethnic, or religious background, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Benedictine School
The Benedictine School offers co-ed education and residential programs for students ages 5-21 with intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, and autism.
Adult Services
The Adult Services program offers community living, employment, and meaningful day services in Caroline, Queen Anne’s, and Talbot Counties and Annapolis.
The Benedictine Foundation fosters relationships with people, foundations, and corporations by sharing Benedictine’s vital mission to inspire financial support.


At Benedictine, we approach “Learning” as something which does not end in our school program but continues throughout a person’s life. We instill a philosophy of lifelong learning in order to help people achieve their greatest potential which then leads to the most productive and meaningful life possible for each person.

Benedictine By the numbers

For the past 60 years Benedictine has offered a diverse range of services for children and adults
with developmental & intellectual disabilities and autism.


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Community Partners

Stories that Inspire

Open the pages to the latest news, inspiring narratives, and mission moments here at Benedictine.


Does your business need dependable, skilled, passionate employees?
Benedictine businesses support job development and competitive employment.

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