Meaningful Day Services

At the heart of Benedictine’s mission is a commitment to the Dignity of Work, one of our core values.

We believe that regardless of the degree of disability, all people should have the opportunity to explore their interests through involvement in a variety of meaningful, productive activities. Our Ridgely location offers people the opportunity to take part in the following programs: Employment Resource Center; Personal Enrichment Program; Community Development Services and our Benedictine Businesses.

Employment Resource Center

Empowering Job Seekers with Abilities

Benedictine’s Employment Resource Center is a career & training center specifically tailored for job seekers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Job seekers will be given the opportunity to choose from customized job listings, on-line job research, and developing interview skills. 

 Training sessions will be offered in communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution. Training may also be job specific, offering a more in depth, hands on approach to a particular skill. 

Job seekers will also have the opportunity to meet with local businesses and participate in on-site training and learning sessions.

Young man dancing with older woman in front of acoustic musicians.

Personal Enrichment Program

Fostering Well-Rounded Lives

This program offers persons supported the opportunity for on-campus and community involvement in social groups, special interests, hobbies, and health and wellness activities.

The program supports persons interested in specialized instructional classes such as cooking, theater, music, art, sign language, etc.

Community Development Services

Tailored Support for Individual Growth

Within this program, groups of one to four individuals explore interests and make connections within their community to achieve their goals. This program is highly individualized and staff work to create meaningful ways for those within CDS to reach their goals. CDS activities include self-determination and self-advocacy training, classes and workshops, peer mentoring, volunteer activities, and employment trials.

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