Benedictine School

Nurturing Potential for Profound Personal Growth

The Benedictine School is a non-graded, twelve-month school.  We provide day and residential programming for males and females, ages 5-21, grades K-12 with mild to severe intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, and autism.  

Empowering Through Education

At the Benedictine School we believe each student’s greatest potential is achieved through a collaborative, holistic team approach building on the abilities, strengths, and interests of each child.

Each student’s unique needs are met with high staff to student ratios and a multidisciplinary approach using research-based methods and techniques implementing MSDE approved curriculum. We are certified by The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for our education program and The Department of Human Services (DHS) for our residential program, with some community group homes licensed by The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).

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A truly appropriate special education transforms the life of each student.


Tailored Education for Unique Journeys

We prioritize individualized and collaborative approaches, engaging school, family, therapists, and more. With small classes and cutting-edge technology, our campus provides a rich environment for growth. Explore our three unique class settings, and let our comprehensive vocational services and transition planning pave the way for a successful future beyond Benedictine.

Specialized Services

Holistic Support for Every Student

At Benedictine, our team plays a pivotal role in ensuring each student’s success. Collaborating closely with the entire team, our professionals tailor support to address individual needs. From speech therapy focusing on communication skills to occupational and physical therapy enhancing motor skills, our specialized services are integrated seamlessly into the academic, vocational, and recreational aspects of a student’s journey. With counseling, behavior support, and enriching music therapy, Benedictine provides comprehensive care for the holistic development of every student.


Nurturing Independence in Residential Living

Our residential program at Benedictine provides students with tailored support to foster independence and crucial life skills. With various placement options like campus-based suites and community group homes, we ensure a continuum of care. Supported by 24/7 nursing and a dedicated team of professionals, including BCBA, SLP, OT, Teachers, Social Workers, and Counselors, our program emphasizes daily living skills and enriching recreational activities. From fostering independence to engaging in community outings, our holistic approach enhances the residential experience for students.


Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome parents and legal guardians to visit their child at Benedictine. Upon a new student’s admission, we do request that visitors wait two weeks to 30 days to give the student time to adjust to their new daily schedules and routines. We encourage parents and caregivers to call, send mail, email and/or skype. When planning a visit during the school day or during a residential evening or weekend, we ask that the parent contact our school office prior to the visit and speak with their child’s case manager so we can be sure the student is on campus, not on an outing when the parent arrives.

Per policy, parents will be responsible for scheduling and taking students to medical visits, as well as providing Dr. reports to our Infirmary upon return from Dr. appointments.

We have a few single rooms, but most rooms are doubles shared by two students. Yes, we have awake overnight staff for each residence as well as day, evening, and weekend staff.

Your child can bring any of the items listed. We want him or her to feel at home.

Students are funded by their school systems, social services, Autism Waiver, Voluntary Placement for residential, private pay, or a combination of these sources.

We accept students from all over the United States.

Our admissions are year round as long as we have an appropriate space available.

Our tuition varies depending on the intensity of services required.

Accreditations & Affiliations

As a national commission that verifies and promotes excellence in education service, NCASES evaluates private special education programs through a process that encourages diversity of educational practice and innovation. The process assures students in private special education settings are provided environments that are healthy, safe, comfortable and conducive to learning.This accreditation places the Benedictine School among 26 institutions in the nation to receive the honor out of approximately 200 special education schools.

National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services.