Individualized Education with Innovative Teaching Methods

Our education program is tailored for individualized and multi-disciplinary learning, fostering regular communication and collaboration among school, family, residential, therapists, local school systems, and placing agencies.

Learning Environment

Our education program thrives in a structured setting, featuring small classes, ample learning spaces, and technology support.

Services are provided in a highly structured, highly supervised setting with small class sizes and a high staff:student ratio. Learning is enhanced by the variety of settings available on our large campus. These include large classrooms, a therapeutic room, alternative learning rooms, sensory areas, motor room, full size gymnasium, indoor pool, library/media center, and accessible playground and athletic fields. Instruction is also heavily supported by a variety of technologies including computers, iPads, SmartBoards.

Standards-Aligned Instruction

Our curriculum aligns with Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards, offering dynamic, research-based instruction across various academic subjects.

Instruction is provided consistent with the standards as put forth in the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards and by the local school system. These standards cover the academic areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Health. Curriculum materials include print and web-based tools and methods that are research-based. Our educational team regularly accesses new curriculums as appropriate.

Classroom Asignments

Classroom assignments are determined based on individualized need in one of our 3 signature class settings

Functional Academics, Total Communications, or Academic and Behavior Learning Environment.


Additional comprehensive vocational services include:

  • Individualized job development, employment readiness, and resume writing
  • Job Coaching
  • On and Off Campus Worksite experiences such as delivery, laundry, clerical, recycling, horticulture, packaging, food service, customer service, retail, manufacturing, commercial cleaning

Transition Planning

Designed to ensure that our students are able to move successfully from school to adult life.

Starting at age 14, transition is a guiding factor in goal-development and programming for our students. Our Transition Coordinator works with students, their school teams, parents, and outside agencies to create and access a plan that meets their ongoing needs post-Benedictine School.