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Empowering through Employment

 In conjunction with Maryland’s “Employment First” initiative, Benedictine’s employment services provide a range of services including pre-employment education, career exploration, skills development, job coaching support, job development, and career focused training. We offer these services through our Supported Employment Program and our Easton Community Services and Training Center.

Supported Employment

Unlocking Potential through Employment

Benedictine has always believed in the value of work. If someone’s goal is to be competitively employed, it is our mission to help them achieve that goal. Our staff will assist in assessing the strengths and job goals for each person, then develop a plan to find the proper job match in their community. The staff will assist in skill training, job application and interview processes, and job support. After successful job placement, we continue to coordinate job support, communication with the employer, and any additional skill development.

“It's amazing how willing the businesses around here are to help with training. Our people go to these establishments and get hands-on experience. It's really the best of both worlds."

Community Services & Training Center

Nurturing Skills, Empowering Futures

Benedictine’s Community Services and Training Center is a licensed provider and partner with the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Our Training Center includes job-specific modules with step-by-step lesson plans and a community practicum. With the support of community partners, we offer skills development and on-site training. This training offers transitional students an introduction to the program, current adults the opportunity to be able to enhance their skills set, and advancement opportunities to those already working competitively in the community. Training offered includes: retail, hospitality, office skills, and customer service.

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