“See Me as Your Coworker”

Isiah in front of Easton Premier Cinemas.

Meet Isiah:

After graduating Queen Anne County High School in Centreville, Isiah did what most students do – started his job pursuit. While this path looks different from student to student, for Isiah his first steps were to enroll at Benedictine’s Community Services and Training Center. There he learned how his interests and talents can help to guide his employment goals.

For four weeks Isiah and other job seekers participated in an employment course through a Department of Rehabilitation Services, or DORS, program at the Benedictine Training Center. The class takes a hands-on learning approach with practical activities  from creating a resume, cover letter and reference page to learning  interviewing do’s and don’ts as well as proper interview dress and appearance tips.

On November 21, 2017, after working diligently filling out applications, going on interviews and exploring job possibilities, Isiah was hired at Easton Premier Cinemas in Easton, Md.,  where he is a valued employee and coworker!

Isiah works two days a week and continues to impress his coworkers and supervisors with his work ethic and contagious smile. Isiah is friendly and courteous. One of his manager’s shared, “Isiah always has a smile for everyone!”  He has consistently been given new tasks such as helping customers find the proper cinema their movie is playing in and extra cleaning jobs in the front lobby.  Isiah has expressed to others that he really enjoys his job! 

About Developmental Disability Month:

All month long we are celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month with the goal of creating awareness about developmental disabilities; teach the importance of inclusion within every aspect of life, and to share the stories of individuals with a disability to show that a successful life is possible!


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