Benedictine Students Remember the Heroes of 9/11

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Developmentally Disabled Students Send Letters to Firefighters and Police Departments in New York City and Washington, D.C.  

(Ridgely, MD – September 28, 2022) – Students at Benedictine, a regional service provider for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism, sent packages of letters and pictures to fire and police departments in New York City and Washington, D.C. in honor of all the heroes of 9/11.

Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C. Cadet Roseburrow stated “Benedictine is a great place! Our officers would love that,” in hearing what Benedictine planned to do.

Upon receiving the package from Benedictine at the City of New York Police Department, Deputy Inspector Craig Contrera stated “On behalf of the New York City Police Department, thank you for forwarding the letters and drawings from your students. I would also like to thank your students for citing the bravery and service of our police officers during the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.”

Katherine Fitzhugh, a Benedictine school teacher for five years, was the inspiration behind this idea. “I realized that my students were not alive when the 9/11 attack occurred and I wanted to teach them such an important part of our history. I also teach my students about being kind and I thought sending letters of thanks and coloring pages to our first responders in New York and Washington DC would be a nice way to show our support. I invited the whole school to participate in this random act of kindness,” stated Fitzhugh.  

Katherine’s Functional Academics class focuses on teaching life skills such as money, reading comprehension, typing and social skills. ”I love the teamwork and support that is offered here at Benedictine and the opportunities our students are given. We are like a family!”

For more information on Benedictine and the programs and services it offers children and adults with developmental disabilities, please. Visit Benedictine at To find out how you can support Benedictine’s mission to help children and adults with developmental disabilities achieve their greatest potential, please contact Claudia Cunningham, Chief Advancement Officer, at or call 410 634 2292.


About Benedictine:

Benedictine is a non-sectarian nonprofit organization helping more than 200 children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and autism achieve their greatest potential. Benedictine’s year-round educational program is one of only 26 nationwide to earn a two-year accreditation from the National Commission for Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES). This program includes home-like living and learning options on the Ridgely, Maryland campus, for children ages 5 to 21 who come from Maryland and surrounding states. Benedictine’s Adult Services program offers employment and vocational services for transitional youth and adults, ages 22 to 70+, in the community and those who live in Benedictine’s group homes in Caroline, Talbot and Anne Arundel counties. The Easton Community Services & Training Center prepares the adults it serves to enter the workforce and collaborates with the Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Caroline and Dorchester County public schools to provide services to their students through the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) Program. For more information, visit

Photo caption: Hannah, a student at Benedictine, creates pictures to be sent to firefighters and police officers in New York City and Washington, D.C. to honor all the heroes of 9/11.


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