At the Benedictine School we believe each student’s greatest potential is achieved through a collaborative, holistic team approach building on the abilities, strengths, and interests of each child. Each student's unique needs are met with high staff to student ratios and a multidisciplinary approach using research-based methods and techniques implementing MSDE approved curriculum. We are certified by The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for our education program and The Department of Human Services (DHS) for our residential program, with some community group homes licensed by The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).


Each child’s unique needs are met using research-based methods and techniques while implementing Maryland State Department of Education approved curriculum. Individualized programming is provided with a high staff to student ratio and a multidisciplinary approach.

Highly individualized with each student placed in one of three signature class types
Offered in a variety of settings including campus suites & group homes
Designed to meet the unique needs & interests of each student
Transition Planning
Connecting transitioning youth with agencies offering the support required
Specialized Services
Supportive, integrated services provided by our clinical team


A truly appropriate special education transforms the life of each student. For your child, that appropriate program may be The Benedictine School, either through its residential school or day program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can parents visit?

We welcome parents and legal guardians to visit their child at Benedictine. Upon a new student’s admission, we do request that visitors wait two weeks to 30 days to give the student time to adjust to their new daily schedules and routines. We encourage parents and caregivers to call, send mail, email and/or skype. When planning a visit during the school day or during a residential evening or weekend, we ask that the parent contact our school office prior to the visit and speak with their child’s case manager so we can be sure the student is on campus, not on an outing when the parent arrives.

Who is responsible for medical and dental appointments?

Per policy, parents will be responsible for scheduling and taking students to medical visits, as well as providing Dr. reports to our Infirmary upon return from Dr. appointments.

Will my child have a roommate? Do you have awake staffing around the clock?

We have a few single rooms, but most rooms are doubles shared by two students. Yes, we have awake overnight staff for each residence as well as day, evening, and weekend staff.

Can my child bring their favorite stuffed animals, photo albums, CD player, favorite comforter, favorite toys, etc?

Your child can bring any of the items listed. We want him or her to feel at home.

How are the students funded?

Students are funded by their school systems, social services, Autism Waiver, Voluntary Placement for residential, private pay, or a combination of these sources.

Do you accept students only from Maryland?

We accept students from all over the United States.

Is there a certain time of year when you accept students?

Our admissions are year round as long as we have an appropriate space available.

What is your tuition?

Our tuition varies depending on the intensity of services required.