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Generous supporters of Benedictine give a $75k match in support of dedicated employees

(Ridgely, MD – December 6, 2022) – The Benedictine Foundation raised over $150,000 on Giving Tuesday through the support of numerous donors. Denise Kaczmarczyk and John Johnson longtime Benedictine supporters matched what was raised with a donation of $75,000.

Benedictine employs over 350 staff that are dedicated to serving children and adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities and autism. When Denise and John learned of the Benedictine Foundation’s effort to raise money on Giving Tuesday in support of the Benedictine staff, they pledged a $50k match. And upon hearing that the Foundation had raised $75K, Denise and John generously increased their match to $75k.

“We wanted to give to the Benedictine staff that work so tirelessly in supporting the student and adult population that Benedictine serves,” stated Denise Kaczmarczyk. “Seeing the dedication and the everyday miracles that happen at Benedictine is an inspiration to me and my husband. It is a mission we feel very strongly about and want to give to those that work so hard.”

Denise and John learned about Benedictine a number of years ago at a Christmas Bazaar. They were deeply inspired by the mission of Benedictine and have become dedicated supporters.

“Benedictine is overwhelmed by this incredible display of support from all of our donors. Denise and John’s support for the staff and individuals Benedictine serves is a tribute to their selfless generosity and dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. It has been a privilege to get to know them.” said Claudia Cunningham, Chief Advancement Officer, Benedictine Foundation.

For more information on Benedictine’s events, services and ways to support, please contact Claudia Cunningham at Claudia.cunningham@benschool.org or call 410 634 2292. Visit Benedictine at www.benschool.org.