Benedictine Celebrates Sr. Jeannette Award Winner and All Nominees


Distinguished Award Given During Lunch Celebration

(Ridgely, MD – May 16, 2023) – Benedictine celebrated the winner and all the nominees of the distinguished Sister Jeannette award during a luncheon earlier this spring. The award was established in 2012 by the Benedictine Board of Directors in honor of Sister Jeannette, who served as Benedictine’s leader for over 30 years. The annual award recognizes an employee who exemplifies Benedictine’s values of Hospitality, Dignity of Work and Compassionate Caring.

This year’s award was given to Sharon Walbert, Adult Services House Counselor. Among the long list of accolades, it was noted that she works tirelessly to provide the adults she supports with opportunities to increase their skills, to be involved in the community, to stay connected with their families, and to be as independent as possible. Sharon works at several of Benedictine’s 18 adult group homes and she willingly fills in for night shifts when needed.

Scott Evans, Benedictine Executive Director, commented at the award luncheon, “This is truly one of my favorite things to do at Benedictine as it provides an opportunity to stop and reflect on the incredible work that is being done here every day. We celebrate those that go above and beyond in making a difference in the lives of the students and adults living with developmental disabilities and autism. I applaud all the nominees!”

The nominees included Galan Anderson, School Vocational Liaison and Team Leader; Steve Ebell, School Education Assistant; Karen Gibson, Payroll Coordinator; Jody Mitchell, School Teacher; Danielle Poore, School Teacher; Corina Schline, School Nurse; and Marie Truitt, Adults Services House Counselor. All the nominees were presented with a framed image of Sister Jeannette’s “Rules To Live By” which includes, “respect the dignity of those you help by giving in quiet and hidden ways.”



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