Staff was celebrated for their years of service

(Ridgely, MD – December 14, 2023) – Benedictine celebrated milestones in service for 50 of its dedicated staff members in early December. The awards were presented to employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30, 45, and 55 years of service.

Phyllis Young celebrated 55 years with Benedictine. During her tenure, Young filled many roles in the School residential program, as a Nursing Assistant, Vocational Teacher, Home Economics Teacher, and Summer Camp Teacher’s Aide. She was previously honored by the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) as a recipient of the “Inspiring Dreams, Changing Lives” Award.

Executive Assistant, Carolyn Ebling, celebrated 45 years with Benedictine. “Carolyn, is the person behind the scenes who has positively affected so many people during her time at Benedictine,” commented Executive Director Scott Evans. “She works tirelessly, never seeking recognition and her dedication, support, and guidance is invaluable.”

Benedictine commends all its staff milestone awardees for their compassion, dedication, dependability, and caring devotion for the children and adults they serve and for their commitment to Benedictine. These traits are demonstrated in their interactions with the people they support and their families, as well as their co-workers and community partners.

Benedictine employs over 350 staff that are dedicated to serving children and adults with moderate to severe developmental disabilities and autism. For more information on Benedictine’s events, services and ways to support, please contact Claudia Cunningham at or call 410 634 2292. Visit Benedictine at