The students at Benedictine have access to multiple campus-based and community employment and pre-employment opportunities as well as access to job coaching and assessments through the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Careful coordination and planning necessary for a smooth transition to adult life begins at age 14. Benedictine offers a wide variety of vocational opportunities available for all transitioning students. Services begin with vocational skills and interest assessments and pre-vocational skill development in conjunction with the full school team.

Vocational training opportunities are incorporated into each student’s programming to enhance generalization, and real world practice.

Opportunities may be classroom-based, campus-based, or community-based and can include:

• simple assembly
• clerical
• delivery
• food service
• laundry
• garden & outdoors
• cleaning

All vocational services are designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each student. These services provide exposure and practice on campus and in the community to develop confidence and comfort levels in preparation for transitioning to adult services.