Secure Services & Supports Reporting

There are several ways to get help if you have questions or complaints about the supports you, a family member, or someone else is receiving from Benedictine.  You can always start by calling your Program Coordinator or his or her supervisor.

Additionally, Benedictine is committed to providing access to secure reporting, as well as maintaining procedures and standards for responding to and resolving complaints. Benedictine offers the secure online portal to every person supported to provide feedback or file a complaint without having to identify themselves.

If your services are funded by the District of Columbia, you may also receive help by calling the DDS Customer Service Hotline which operates during normal business hours. People can call, send an email, or submit a question online through the DDS website for a response to a wide range of questions and problems including, but not limited to, any service delivery issues, unresponsiveness of a DDS staff member or service provider, scheduling, planning, or status of actions, etc.

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