Specialized Services & Therapies

Students at Benedictine benefit from the supportive and integrated services provided by our clinical team in both our educational and residential settings. Our professionals collaborate with the entire team to best understand the needs of each student and develop strategies to help students thrive.


Speech & Language Therapy:
Offered in direct group, classroom, our therapeutic area or programmatic delivery. Focus is on receptive and expressive communication and articulation, and assistive technology.

Occupational Therapy:
Offered in direct group, classroom, our therapeutic area or programmatic delivery. Focus is on fine motor skills, activities of daily living, and functional use of adaptive equipment and strategies.

Physical Therapy:
We focus on gross motor skill building throughout campus and in the community.

Music Therapy:
Offered school wide in programmatic music therapy groups. The focus is on social skills, self regulation and communication through a variety of musical experiences. 

Related Services

Medical Services:
We offer 24/7 nursing on campus. Medical Technician staff are in each group home.

Behavior Management:
Behavior team including School Psychologist, Behavior Specialists, and Crisis Response Team providing FBAs (Functional Behavior Assessments), BIPs (Behavior Intervention Plans), and overall behavioral support to student teams. 

Case Management:
Collaborative, team approach with family, staff and community resources.


The students at Benedictine have access to multiple campus-based and community employment and pre-employment opportunities as well as access to job coaching and assessments through the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Careful coordination and planning necessary for a smooth transition to adult life begins at age 14. Benedictine offers a wide variety of vocational opportunities available for all transitioning students. Services begin with vocational skills and interest assessments and pre-vocational skill development in conjunction with the full school team.

Vocational training opportunities are incorporated into each student’s programming to enhance generalization, and real world practice.

Opportunities may be classroom-based, campus-based, or community-based and can include:

All vocational services are designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each student. These services provide exposure and practice on campus and in the community to develop confidence and comfort levels in preparation for transitioning to adult services.

Transitional Planning

Transition at graduation: Watching our students grow up is a time of celebration, but it also can be a challenging time for family and care givers. Benedictine is devoted to ensuring that each transitioning youth is as independent as able at the time of graduation, and every student graduates to adult life that best matches his or her achievements, interests, and needs. Our transition coordinator works with families and adult agency partners to aid in referrals, assessments, and access to the most appropriate adult services.

We're Here to Help

Preparation for this important time begins many years before graduation day. Transition planning for the student begins at age 14 and involves:

Ask Us Anything

To help parents navigate the transition from school to adult services, Benedictine works collaboratively with students, family, IEP team and key professionals to address concerns and answer the many questions that arise while preparing each transitioning student for success.