At Benedictine, we believe exceptional students deserve exceptional people and programs. Educational programming is highly individualized with students placed in one of our three signature classes. Teaching methods are based on a variety of research-based approved methods including Applied Behavior Analysis; TEACCH; Discrete Trial; PECS; Errorless Teaching; Task Analysis; and Scripting.Curriculum and instruction are aligned with The Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards’.

Signature Classes

Functional Academics

Focusing on real life implementation of academic skills, students apply and practice learning in and outside of the classroom with vocational and community opportunities. Opportunities for integration with non-disabled peers are encouraged.

Academic & Behavior Learning Environment (ABLES)

For students with behavioral challenges impeding learning readiness, teachers and behavioral specialists collaborate with a multi-disciplinary approach using behavioral strategies encouraging adaptive behaviors. Methods are based on theories of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

Total Communications

For students who are functionally nonverbal, we use Structured Teaching Approach for Readiness Skills (STARS) across environments. Communication and sensory needs are integrated into academic, vocational, self-help, and leisure skills. Heavy integration of speech and language pathologists is an integral element.