Media Center

The use of the Media Center at The Benedictine School helps to contribute to the total educational program of each student. The Benedictine library/media program follows the Maryland curriculum framework. Weekly library sessions are offered to all students with the following goals:

Goal 1:            To provide students the opportunity to select books of interest and appropriate reading level, to locate or seek assistance to locate these appropriate books for leisure and/or research.

Goal 2:            To introduce students to different authors, illustrators and different types of books and periodicals by reading a variety of literature in order to broaden interest in printed materials as well as in other people and the world around them. When appropriate, incorporate augmentative communication systems with library book vocabulary for students with speech/language impairments.

Goal 3:            To provide instruction that will enable students to find information (reference skills, types of books, use of guide words in dictionary, parts of books, classification of books, etc.)

Goal 4:            To provide students with opportunities to learn appropriate library etiquette, check out materials, learn how to care for materials, and to return borrowed materials to the proper place in a timely manner.

Goal 5:            To provide students the opportunity to read pictures, turn pages appropriately as a story is heard, to read independently with meaning in order to encourage and develop lifelong reading habits.

Goal 6:            To provide skills that help enable students to transfer library skills learned at The Benedictine School library to another community library.

Goal 7:            To provide media materials for the residential program.

Goal 8:            To provide services to faculty that include helping them ascertain instructional materials needed to supplement a class unit of study, or for their own educational endeavors.